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Forum’s terms and conditions
Guidelines for user conduct in the forums
It is not our intention to impose strict moderation rules.
In this sense the real moderators are above all the users of the forum themselves. Our community is an open one, then anyone can access records and make its contribution to the dialogue without thereby endorsing a certain particular idea or vision of the world. We know, however, that "men are not angels" and that dialogue on themes of great interest is disturbed by bitter controversy between adverse parties. On the one hand they are the yeast of the social interactions but on the other we know that too much yeast can … kill every food. To make the forum accessible to all users and keep the community within the limits of proper dialogue and mutual respect, we have prepared some guidelines, tips, recommendations and standards of behaviour that each user is requested to endorse during the registration process. [top]
Respect of person
Mutual respect by all users is a prerequisite for a constructive dialogue. Do not use the forum to threaten and harass other participants. We do not allow insults to people, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, economic conditions and political and social beliefs. It is recommended to avoid personal criticism, although in some cases this appear to be the only viable route, and is typical of particularly hot debates. Please do not fall into any provocation coming from members opposing your ideas. In these cases the best solution is to avoid any reply and report that message to the moderators. [top]
Compliance with the law
Moderation of the forums does not allow performing in them any activity against law. It is not allowed to publish messages that contain material protected by intellectual property laws, unless the user does not control the rights or is in possession of all necessary permissions. The editors of disclaim all liability regarding the use and the material posted or published. Who sends their texts must also specify the sources and do not infringe the intellectual property of the true author of the text. [top]
It is not allowed to claim the role, tasks and identity of a moderator, of other participants, or of any existing person different from themselves. Nicknames provocative or deliberately insulting to other people are not allowed. Participation of a person with contemporary use of more than one different nickname (multinick) is allowed, but in each and any case your real identity must always be given during the registration process. For each field, required in the registration process, members agree to provide true data related only to themselves.
It is not possible to overturn or alter the meaning of messages already sent using the editing function on the message after they were published. Syntax and grammatical corrections are allowed, but if the editing alters the meaning of the statements in the original message, we must warn readers that the message was modified by the author and in what respect this alteration had taken place. If you change your mind, we suggest you to send a second message for clarification. It is not allowed to delete or clear a message if there were replicas or if the message was the subject of action by the moderators.
Any abuse or misconduct does legitimate the moderators of to perform proper action as described in the present guidelines. [top]
Propaganda activities
Sending messages identical in content to several forums or threads is not allowed. Each message can be sent only to a forum. Moderation of will eliminate duplication, leaving only a single message in the forum they themselves consider most appropriate. The Forum can not be used by members in order to provide commercial information or advertising. Moreover, members must avoid to include links to other sites for commercial or advertising purposes. Moderation of will delete the commercial and advertisement messages. Each topic (or thread) takes place on a single theme and threads with multiple not correlated themes are not allowed. [top]
Forum Types
The forums are free and are NOT moderated in advance. This means that every message is immediately published and that the moderators of should eventually act only retrospectively according to the present moderation rules. The editors of can arrange for special purposes, including particular forums and restricted forums to particular groups (moderators, editors), in which only a few members, with special permissions, can write. [top]
Message Property
Messages, once sent to the site and published in the forum, are part of a common heritage. It is not granted to any user the right to modify or alter retrospectively any message content.
If problems of misunderstanding will arise, the author can make further clarifications sending a new message as a reply to the one that was evaluated unclear or incomplete.
Moderation holds the technical possibility to edit the messages, but they will do so only as provided under the moderation rights described here. It may happen that, for technical problems not related to the sender or to, some messages will appear repeatedly in the same forum. In this case you can ask the moderators to cleanup the affected forum eliminating any duplication, this as long as no one had already responded to messages in excess. You can not suggest the withdrawal of messages, individually or in groups, your own or sent by a third party, unless you feel they infringe any of the moderation rules described here. For the external use of messages that appear in the forum (articles, studies, research) it is essential to get in touch with the editors of the site, through the forum of the moderators. [top]
The civil and legal liability for the content of each message sent to the Forum is entirely maintained by the sender himself. The site assumes no responsibility for the authenticity and legal complaint of what was sent by subscribers. The contents of discussions and opinions that arise and are expressed in the Forum are to be considered in all respects the result of the free participation of people to a free and civil debate. Then the contents and arguments of individual interventions may not represent the thoughts and political or social program of the Foundation but rather a common basis for reasoning and social proposal. In case of criminally relevant content or after request from the Police authorities, the owners of the site shall make available to them the technical elements needed for the identification of the sender. [top]
Number of messages
The rules of moderation on do not provide any technical limitation to the number of daily messages that any member may send to one or more forums, but it is clear that an excess of messages per day by the same author can be tedious and cumbersome . Each author is thus urged to limit himself, preferring quality to quantity. Any excess will be reported in the forum "Moderation". [top]
Guidelines updating
Moderation of reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time, on the basis of their experience and on your own advice. Publicity in the forum will be given. [top]
Respect for privacy
You may not disclose personal information related to other participants or allow to identify them in the forum against their own will. [top]
Faculty of moderation
Moderation of has the right to suspend or terminate user access to the Forum, and to remove, edit, trashing, block messages. In case they experience one of the following cases:
1) insulting, sardonic, blasphemous, immoral messages will be removed and placed in a particular place, visible to all users, called "waste basket". These messages will not allow any reply.
2) in case of vulgar insults to subscribers, individuals or entire groups of known people, the moderation reserves the right to change the message by removing the insult and replacing it with "XXXXXXXXX".
3) gross provocations, perpetrated in order to disrupt the proper conduct of the dialogue, will be isolated inhibiting any possibility to reply to that message.
4) Failure to comply with the rules of fairness and honesty during the member registration, or multiple sending of identical messages will force moderation to take action. Moderation also reserves the right to move a message from one forum to another if the moderators feel that the new one is more suitable, by thread, than a certain other forum where the member had originally posted it. [top]
Forum "Moderation"
This area is predisposed for the official communications of the moderation of to all subscribers. Here technical problems, new features, changes to these guidelines are exposed. If you find problems, before reporting them please have a look at the forum moderation. This area is also bidirectional. This means that you can send us your recommendations, suggestions, requests for new features, complaints. If you feel better to contact the Moderation confidentially use the private messaging tool provided in the Forum in order to contact a moderator. [top]
Moderator roles
Moderators assume the role of interpreters of the present guidelines and are not involved in the debate apart from exceptional restraint measures or answer to questions about moderation.
Each moderator is characterized by a particular symbol near the nickname.
The users that act in the Forum even as moderators may take part in the debate as normal users, with no particular privileges and with another nickname.
Any lack of respect for the Moderators in the exercise of their role will be considered as unfair and will aggravate any possible sanctions. [top]
Aid in case of difficulty.
If you encounter difficulties, or experience any malfunction in the forums, first read the forum moderation or editing forum and then, if the case has not already been reported and you feel urgency, use the moderation forum to report the problem.
Moderation will respond and take action as soon as possible. [top]

In Internet is commonly accepted a long set of rules called Netiquette which could be translated in "Etiquette (Etiquette) Internet (Net)". It’s aim is to respect and protect network resources and to allow to meet and collaborate with other users. It is valid for e-mails and also, in many cases, for forum messages. We present here an excerpt of the many rules that are now present in Internet. We hope that those of us who access this Forum for the first time will consider them useful.

1) Write short and concise messages. Always remember to specify the subject of your message and remember to sign, at least with your nickname.

2) Avoid to disseminate unnecessary and contoversial material, such as advertising, hoaxes and chain messages. When you receive messages about the supposed virus and other hoaxes, before distributing take your time to check on a few of the various specialized sites if it is not a well known hoax.

3) When you reply to a message using the quote feature, do not resend the entire message. Highlight only the most important part eliminating what is not helpful to make understandable the subject of your contribution, but, whn you cut it, avoid to distort the meaning of the original message. Remember that differently from the e-mail messages, the original message will always be visible in the Forum page, above your reply.

4) When you enter a forum by among a debate already under way, greet and introduce yourself, if you are not already known. When you decide to leave a discussion, greet again.

5) Do not try to change topics within a forum, dragging the discussion off topic. And do not follow people who do!

6) All on-line communities have their own internal rules and their habits and customs. Before you start to post contributions, observe the behaviour of other long time members and read the Rules of Conduct.

7) If you need to discuss something privately, do it in private with the individual who may be concerned. Use the “private message” feature. Before you send post driven by impulse … sleep on it.

8) Messaging and contributions should be brief and centered on the subject. Do not reply to topics off-topic, not repeat yourself and don’t send messages just to emphasize the typing errors or other misprints. These are behaviors that, far more than others, testify the immaturity of beginners. Before you send a non-original (a news story) check to see if others have not already posted it before you. Indeed it is better to first read the forum and only afterwards write your contributions. Do not open a new Thread if the issue is already addressed elsewhere, do not debate the same subject in another different Thread.

9) The Subject of the message should reflect the contents of the script. We also recommend you to write the message in lowercase. The use of CAPS, apart from the symbols as the UN, is considered improper, as tantamount to shouting, which is the exact opposite of a peaceful constructive discussion.
10) For more information read the list of answers to frequently asked questions and rules of conduct.

11) Help
Aid in case of difficulty. If you encounter difficulties, or note what you suppose it’s a malfunction in the forums, first read the forum moderation and then, if the case has not already been reported and considered urgent, use that Forum to report the problem. We will respond and take action as soon as possible.  [top]

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I register?
Registration is not required to read messages or to conduct a search. You must understand, however, that anyone who wants to write a message or to reply must be unambiguously identified. This is to ensure that messages are attributed to no one else than the real writer himself. Registration is free and requires to give minimal personal information to identify the author. Who participates in the forum of is committed to provide accurate data about his identity. Anonymity is not allowed but the writer appears to others only by means of his nick name. Only the moderation of the Forum will be aware of the real identity of the writer. Your e-mail address is hidden to the other to ensure maximum privacy. Even if you have chosen to receive personal messages from other participants, no one will know your email address if you do not want to publish it yourself (see: "I authorize the display of my profile). [top]
What are Smilies?
In the body of your post you can enter sequences of characters (Smilies), which will be converted into images when the message is published. [top]
Can I use HTML in messages?
Yes, you can now use HTML and BBCode. If any abuse will take place, moderation will take action against the abuser. If the abuse should take place too often this choice will be reviewed. [top]
How are cookies used?
The program installs cookies to store username and passwords of registered members. If you have chosen to allow cookie storage in your profile, the automatic entry of username and password will be performed each time you access the Forum. It is important that your web browser is enabled to accept cookies, otherwise you will have to enter username and password each time you want to write a contribution. [top]
How can I perform a search?
You can search for messages in the database of messages by author and / or word (s) contained in a message or just in the subject. You can also specify a timeframe for your research. [top]
How can I change the information in my profile?
It is your responsibility to enter and update information in your profile. You can change at any time the data, as well as the options you choose. You can change everything except the username, which will always identify yourself unambiguously. Clarifications on the various functions in the profile are discussed on this same page. [top]
Can I edit or delete messages that I have entered?
No. A message can be erased only by the Moderation. It is also possible to correct the text of your contribution immediately after posting, but please carefully read the rules under "Correctness". [top]
What should I do if I lost my username and / or my password?
If you have forgotten your username or password, click on the link "Need help? or on the button [?]. Enter the e-mail address you provided when you had registered yourself to the forum. Username and password will be sent to your address. [top]